Taurus is hand-poured in soft green to represent the fruitful Earth and the fact that anyone who knows a Taurus knows not to mess with their money!

Hard-working, stable, and kind, Taureans are ruled by Venus, making them the lovers of the Zodiac. To represent the gentle and passionate Taurus heart, this candle is adorned with a polished rose quartz stone, biodegradable glitter (for the sake of Mother Earth), and dried rose petals.

Four clear quartz crystals generate positive energy, while a chunk of raw green fuschite resounds with the heart chakra and is said to attract fairies!

Completing this darling is an Earth-shaped “seed bomb”* filled with wildflower seeds (must be removed before burning).* Simply remove the seed bomb and place it in a desired outdoor area, keeping it freshly watered, to “plant your roots in the soil” and watch as a beautiful path of wildflowers eventually springs forth.

Taurus is scented with exotic sandalwood and amber and finished with a pink wax coin Earth Mother.

10 oz.

*Remove before burning.

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