Come forth from the shadows and say hello, Scorpio! Pensive and intuitive, you know how to blend into the darkness, but you can’t hide the fiery passion that smolders like embers inside. Speaking of smoldering: you know how to use your eyes to captivate and entrance whomever you desire!

Scorpio is a strong sign, but she exudes quiet strength. Unlike the fire signs, Scorpio does not flaunt her power. In fact, her power lies in the very fact that it is secret. Most of her victories are mental, as her prowess allows her to instinctually know what is left unsaid.

She is a water sign and like her sisters Pisces and Cancer, hers is a life of feelings. She spends much time diving into the rhythms and vibrations of the humming earth and all of its people— but she also is comfortable in the undercurrent at depths that even Cancer and Pisces dare not swim. As the sign of death, Scorpio is at home in places that would frighten weaker-minded souls.

Scorpio, you are loyal to your people. You are slow to love, but once you do, you do so with fierce protective energy and your whole heart. Some call you manipulative at your worst, but pay no mind. As long as you use your powers for good, the haters are just squirming.

Scorpio is sprinkled with mookaite jasper, an earthy, grounding stone that presents as a fiery fusion of red and yellow. Mookaite brings peace in times of stress and provides a feeling of wholeness. It is also a wonderful stone for strength, vitality, and protection from physical harm. Kyanite shards cultivate meditative energy, while a large clear quartz point acts as a beacon for positive thoughts and vibes. Tumbled raw opal enhances psychic visions, lifts consciousness, promotes self- expression, and helps you release anger (temper, Scorpio?).

She is finished with gold glitter to represent success and prosperity and a gold wax “Warrior Queen” coin. A cork with tumbling twinkle-lights cascades from her dark depths to bring light and remind her to keep her face towards the sun. 10 oz.

*Cork must be removed before lighting candle.

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