Libra, you are easy to fall in love with. Ruled by the planet Venus, and with the most balanced temperament of the Zodiac, there isn’t one of us who can resist your charms.

You are fair, balanced, kind, sweet, and flirtatious. Undoubtedly, you have many admirers (even if you don’t know it). People just like you, and we don’t even have to try. You effortlessly embody poise, grace, and harmony, and you typically have a killer smile. As an air sign, you are quick on your toes, smart, and funny, Those with Libra energy in their charts are blessed, especially if Libra finds itself as your sun or rising sign.

The constellation of Libra is shown as a pair of scales to represent your dedication to diplomacy and justice. You are the scales of justice and when the rest of us need to play devil’s advocate, you are the friend to call. Your sign is closely linked to that of Virgo, the Goddess. In fact, you are the scales she carries.

One of the “nicest” and friendliest signs of the Zodiac, that’s not to say you can’t hold your own. Humans are the only animal who use our teeth to smile. Most animals bare them as a warning and that’s how I like to picture my disgruntled Libras— smiling (baring their teeth) and full of class on the outside, but using their wit, integrity, and intelligence to send a clear message.

That being said, it’s hard to get on your bad side and if someone does, you might even change your mind as soon as you’re able to see things from their point of view. You’re just kind of wonderful like that, and your friends are lucky to have you.

To capture the beauty and divine positive energy of Libra, this candle is scented with Love Spell and adorned with rosebuds and pink tourmaline, as tourmaline is one of Libra’s signature stones. Pink tourmaline helps clear destructive feelings and releases depression and guilt. Rose quartz is the crystal of love and the heart. It is added into the mixture to fortify and nourish your tenderness, compassion, and kind energy. Together, tourmaline and rose quartz work as a powerful pair for protection.

A clear quartz point generates positive energy, while a smoky quartz point brings grounding to what can be the frenetic musings of any air sign. Soothe your mind with this unique and beautiful point. Finally, a gold compass charm sits atop Libra to quell your indecisiveness and lead you in the right direction. Sometimes, playing devil’s advocate does not behoove you. Make sure your decisions are right for your life path and serve you well. In other words, make sure you’re fair to yourself, not just others.

A wax “coin” goddess of justice finishes this candle. 10 oz.

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