Strong, regal, and majestic, Leo is the Big Cat of the Zodiac. Leos are made special and they know it. They come into this world with the softest, cuddliest hearts and armed with the sharpest teeth and claws. Nothing compares to being around the Big Cat when she’s purring, and nothing can stop this swift, powerful hunter when her sights are set on something.

Leo is the leader. She is King of all the Zodiac and (sorry to everyone else) probably the most fit to rule, because her heart is big, but so is her backbone.

Ruled by the Sun, Leo shines with life-giving energy and positivity. If it feels like she thinks everything revolves around her, it’s because it usually does— hence, the Sun. This is a fixed sign, so once her mind is made up, she will never back down. Like the other fire signs, Leo is hot-tempered, but unlike Aries and Sagittarius, she exudes charm and charisma and stops to think before she speaks. She is smart, sexy, and strong— and she sparkles.

A luscious blend of strawberry, frosted jasmine petals and white amber inspired by a secret world you never knew existed (the secret world of Leo’s dreams, where she is Khaleesi) combine to create a sweet and intoxicating aroma.

Leo is adorned with a smokey quartz point for grounding Earth energy (needed with all that fire), a clear quartz point for good vibrations and cleansing, red carnelian for courage and success, sprinkled citrine for luck, and abundance, hematite for protection, and a large chunk of rough Tiger’s Eye— in the shape of a lion’s “Pride Rock.” Tiger’s Eye is one of Leo’s birthstones. It vibrates with the energy of the Sun and can enhance psychic abilities, activate the chakras, and bring out integrity, personal power, and self-worth.

A painted wax “Fire Queen,” accompanied by a miniature royal scepter,* complete this candle.

10 oz.

*Scepters vary in size and shape. Remove before burning.

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