If ever there were a Pixie of the Zodiac, it is most certainly Gemini! Say hello to this curious, gentle, and quick-witted sign.

Purple and golden-yellow combine to celebrate her dual nature. Yellow citrine chips, a citrine point, and a polished tumbled citrine stone adorn the top of this celestially-inspired candle to represent the cheerful, friendly, and enlightening energy of the Twins.

Amethyst chips swirl in to show her wise, imaginative, and intuitive senses. And she smells enchanting! (I’ve never met a Gemini who didn’t.) Herbaceous lavender helps you slow down and relax and blends perfectly with a touch of spicy pepper.

Gemini, you often get a bad rap and that isn’t fair. We all know it’s just because your good side is the most fun and creative the zodiac has to offer, and we all want a piece. Be your shiny, funny, and enjoyable self. I believe Marilyn Monroe (a Gemini, no less) said something about, “If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.” I concur.

A single, large rough clear quartz point brings positive vibrations to your sacred space, while a large slice of Agate Geode is yours to keep and works to stave off those intense feelings of nervousness and anxiety you are prone to.

Finished with a hand-painted golden wax “Sky Sprite,” to represent your pixie-like ambivalent nature and your mental ability to soar through the clouds for all the best views.

10 oz.

**Agate geodes vary in color and slightly in size according to availability.

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