**Attention: the design for Cancer is changing. She will now come with a Moon goddess round wax figurehead, instead of the praying wax goddess mold.

As the Queen of the Zodiac, Cancer, you are ruled by the Moon. You are the mother, the nurturer, the Queen of your Domain, and your ties to the Moon provide you with intuition so strong, you’re practically psychic.

You seek to see the good in everyone, but you aren’t afraid to use your claws when backed into a corner. Loyal and faithful to your family, nothing matters more to you and heaven help anyone who threatens them. As a water sign, your moods are epic, and you’re probably known for them, but you’re also known for being the friend to call when things get tough and for loving those close to you with fierce intensity. You’re probably a great cook, too, and you try to nurture your friends and family. Those who don’t understand you may judge you as fake, but those close to you know your need to do for others is part of your core.

Solitude is important to you and necessary for your sensitive energy. You feel the weight of the world. Sometimes, it’s best to shrug it off and float away on a sea of self care— which is why we’ve topped Cancer with a Full Moon Bath Salt (must be removed before burning).*

Cancer is white to represent the bright light of the Moon and adorned with black and royal purple glitter to illustrate its darker side, as well. Aqua aura quartz points provide the cooling blue effect of water and work to activate and cleanse the chakras. Aqua aura quartz is made from bonding clear quartz, the highest vibrational crystal, with gold, creating a powerful blend that aids in psychic power and communication. A chunk of rough opal stimulates the development of your natural creative talents, while moonstone soothes stress, offers strength, and attracts success. A large clear quartz points brings positive energy into your life.

The scent of Gardenia runs through the entire candle, which is finished with a wax “Moon Goddess.”

10 oz.

*Bath salt to be removed and used in the bath. It sits atop the chunk of raw opal. Moonstone is small and cut into diamond-shape. Remove and use in jewelry!

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