All hail the baddest B of the Zodiac! Aries, without you, who knows if humanity would have made any advances. Someone has to have the courage strength, and gusto to venture into uncharted territory and it comes down to you!

Ruled by Mars, you are a true warrior. When everyone around you is struggling to move on, you’re already thinking about your next move. You don’t hold grudges, you value realness, and you’re the first to stand up for what you believe in or jump to protect those you love. You go where angels fear to tread, clearing the way for the other signs to work their magick, too.

You’re resilient, strong, and loyal; passionate, fiery, and warm-hearted. As a cardinal sign, you are a born leader and you kick the wheel of the Zodiac off with a bang!

The Aries Candle is scented with verdant Lilac and topped with: a vial of handmade “Aries Faeries Dust”* infused with carnelian stone, a powerful red stone used to shield against evil and attract love + sex (remove glass vial before burning), Dragon’s Blood incense resin, a Desert Rose Selenite ball for protection, clear quartz crystal points for good vibes, and a hand-painted Warrior Queen “wax coin.”

*Remove before burning.

10 oz.

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