The Big Game

The Big Game


Set of four Game of Thrones-themed 4 oz. soy candles in celebration of “The Big Game” It’s the final throw-down— are you ready?

Stark: Smells like home and hearth. Spicy and sweet, with a hint of banana bread. Loyal, honest, and brave, the Starks are what heroes are made of. Candle finished with hematite stones and a wax sigil.

Targaryen: Florals mixed with sugared pomegranate and blood orange, because the Dragon Queen will surely take what is hers by fire and blood— or will she? Exotic, enchanting, strong, and finished with carnelian stones and miniature “dragon scales.”

Lannister: Indulge in the intoxicating aroma of an oaked wine barrel. Golden, rich, and smart, the Lannisters send their regards with this candle, which is finished with golden glitter and raw citrine.

White Walker: The scent of frosted Balsam Pine to remind you “Winter is Here.” Will the Night King claim Westeros and put an end to the game? Finished with it’s own miniature “Wall” made from three mini raw quartz points and topped with blue agate and quartz crystal.

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