Taurus i s hand-poured in soft green to represent the fruitful Earth and the fact that anyone who knows a Taurus knows not to mess with their money!

Hard-working, stable, and kind, Taureans are ruled by Venus, making them the lovers of the Zodiac. To represent the gentle and passionate Taurus heart, this candle is adorned with a genuine rose quartz crystal heart, biodegradable glitter (for the sake of Mother Earth), and dried rose petals.

Four clear quartz crystals generate positive energy, while a chunk of raw green fuschite resounds with the heart chakra and is said to attract fairies!

Completing this darling is an Earth-shaped “seed bomb” filled with wildflower seeds. Simply remove the seed bomb and place it in a desired outdoor area, keeping it freshly watered, to “plant your roots in the soil” and watch as a beautiful path of wildflowers eventually springs forth.

Taurus is scented with exotic sandalwood and amber and finished with a pink wax coin Earth Mother.

Each Zodiac candle is set in a clear 10 oz. glass and finished with crystals, stones, botanicals, wax art, and custom tokens representative of that sign.

Each Zodiac Candle also comes with one complimentary piece of gourmet chocolate— making these the perfect gift for the astrology-lover in your life!

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