Say hello to Stargazer!

Just in time for Memorial Day, the top of this white candle is marbled with blue and red and set in a symbolic glass star.

Throughout history, the star has represented spirituality and the search for truth to cultures across the globe. It evolved into a powerful symbol of protection, which we still see today, hence the “sheriff badge.” For many, like me, the star represents the infinite possibilities that lie before us when we are born. The stars have always mesmerized me and given me the proof I need that we are here for a reason. We are not just an accident.

I keep a star on my front door to “shine light” on all who approach and to attract visitors and experiences that enlighten and open my mind to the vast Universe we are a part of.

Red, the color of strength, and blue, the color of peace, boldly swirl through Stargazer to meet in the middle and create the powerful, royal, and magickal color purple. Fresh rain with undertones of mossy wood and sweet middle notes of lavender and rose create a gentle, clean scent reminiscent of a misty rain in the forest.

Infused with an extra large clear quartz point for good vibrations, jasmine flowers for love, royal asters to repel evil, lavender for stress-relief, and amethyst to promote feelings of calm, Stargazer pays homage to the many luxuries we enjoy in the United States — such as relaxing in peace with a candle— thanks to the brave men and women who died fighting, so that we may live as we choose.

11 ounces, triple-wicked

Thanks for looking! May you be blessed!

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