Simmering Spiced Sangria

Simmering Spiced Sangria

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Bring joy and good juju to fall gatherings with this deluxe, fragrant candle! A refreshing blend of cranberry, mixed fruit, and cinnamon, Simmering Spiced Sangria is a 12-oz. triple-wicked candle set in an authentic cider mug. It brings warmth and good tidings to the environment, making it the ideal candle to light during company— especially if you’re worried about the vibes between the group.

When we want to connect, we go out to eat or for a drink. The act of sitting down together to break bread is as old as humanity itself. Sharing a drink is a bit easier, a bit more relaxing. It does not require the same time, manners, or pretense as a whole meal. Simmering Spiced Sangria incorporates this relaxed energy with the sweetness of mixed fruit and cinnamon to call good energy to your space and move the conversation into a positive direction. Finished with a real cinnamon stick. Bottoms up!

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