Bad Ass Babe 333

Bad Ass Babe 333


Bad Ass Babe 333 is a triple blessed energy candle.

Angel numbers, or repeating numbers, are the Universe’s way of communicating with us. If you see 333 often, your angels are telling you they heard your prayers and you are on the right path to having them answered.

Bad ass babe energy is about choosing happiness and love and radiating them, while staying on your grind. You control your destiny, your relationships, and your wallet.

Hand-poured and scented with cactus flower and jade, Bad Ass Babe 333 is infused with a genuine 3” Selenite stick for protection and grounding and topped with a tumbled citrine stone and Eco glitter gold “jingling coins” to represent the flow of prosperity.

Cactus flower is associated with the cactus plant, a strong symbol of protection, while the Jade plant is a symbol of growth, renewal, and wealth. Jade plants are said to give off “chi” energy. Together, these two scents mix into a soothing, fresh, delightful aroma.

Strength, protection, and blessings— a bad ass catch-all combo.

May the angels watch over and bless you.

8 oz. soy candle poured into a luxury black gloss vessel

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