Home + Hearth (Official Pic Coming Soon)

Home + Hearth (Official Pic Coming Soon)


Home + Hearth, meant for those who value family, protection, and abundance above all things! This is one of my favorite candles, poured in black to banish bad energy from your space, the aroma is the perfect scent for colder weather! Warm and very cozy, Home + Hearth features a delicious pumpkin scent infused with creamy coconut milk, nutmeg, and sparks of spices.

Over the years, pumpkins have become a powerful symbol of protection, due to the tradition of carving them into faces on Samhain to ward off evil spirits. The pumpkin, one of the classic staples of Autumn and main fruits of the Fall Harvest, is also associated with abundance (think “reaping the harvest). This Fall favorite, combined with the warm aroma of spices, blends to create a candle that evokes the safe and warm feelings of being in your sacred space, with a warm fire burning, family and friends around, and a satisfied full stomach.

16 oz. (Label mistakenly says 10 oz.)

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