Granny's House Apple Cinnamon Pie

Granny's House Apple Cinnamon Pie


Is the wolf really big and bad, or does he have Red Riding Hood’s back? Historically, wolves have been a symbol of loyalty and strength. The wolf is a symbol for stranger danger in this classic fairytale, but I like to rewrite it in my head, so the wolf saves her. Or maybe the wolf is a part of her and she saves herself.

Either way, say hello to Granny’s House, a 10 oz. soy candle generously fragranced with luscious apple cinnamon and vanilla. Like a warm slice of apple pie — enjoyed at the safety of granny’s house— this mouth-watering aroma will leave you relaxed and satisfied.

Granny’s House is finished with candle art and authentic miniature peridot, a stone symbolic of protection and safety. Set in a luxury rose gold vessel.

Background art courtesy of @madalynmcleod

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