Glass Slipper

Glass Slipper


The ultimate cleansing candle, Glass Slipper is inspired by the classic fairytale Cinderella!

Hand-poured in pure white to generate positive energy, this fairytale candle is encrusted with miniature tumbled quartz crystal for cleansing and healing and exquisite tumbled lapis lazuli to relieve stress! Lapis lazuli is also said to open the third eye and call upon your spirit guides!

Glass Slipper features the clean, crisp aroma of fresh cotton made a little earthier with the mist of a running waterfall and is poured into a luxury frosted teal vessel.

This is the perfect candle to light to bring a peaceful aroma into the home! Burn it during or after you’ve cleaned the house to fill your space with notes of clean cotton and feel-good vibes!

9 oz.

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