Celebrate the strongest sign of the Zodiac with a custom Aries Candle, scented with verdant Lilac and topped with: a vial of handmade “Aries Faeries Dust” infused with carnelian stone, a powerful red stone used to shield against evil and attract love + sex (remove glass vial before burning), Dragon’s Blood incense resin, a Desert Rose Selenite ball for protection, clear quartz crystal points for good vibes, and a hand-painted Warrior Queen “wax coin.”

As the cardinal fire sign, Aries is resilient, loyal, warm-hearted, and brave and kicks the wheel of the Zodiac off with a bang!

Each Zodiac candle is set in a clear 10 oz. glass and finished with crystals, stones, botanicals, wax art, and custom tokens representative of that sign.

Each Zodiac Candle also comes with one complimentary piece of gourmet chocolate— making these the perfect gift for the astrology-lover in your life!

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