Apple Walnut Crisp

Apple Walnut Crisp

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Apple Walnut Crumble is an 8 oz. soy candle, set in a decorative glass jar that reads “Home Made,” and topped with delicious-smelling wax “crumbles.”

This is one of our best-selling scents. You’ll feel as though you were whisked away to a farmhouse kitchen, as you enjoy vibes of comfort food and the simple life. 

Combining the ancient and magickal energy of the apple with the equally revered walnut and rolling them together into a “scentual” combination of decadent baked goods makes for something special.

The apple is an extremely symbolic fruit to many belief systems and traditionally represents love, free will, and fertility. The walnut tree is sacred to ancient Roman and Norse gods and is associated with the planet Jupiter— the planet of luck.

The meat of the walnut and the tree it comes from are both used in abundance and manifestation rituals. In fact, you can crack open a walnut shell and use the meat inside to create a simple abundance charm. The walnut is associated with wealth, creativity, and motivation.

If you’re a baker, you may be inspired to whip up an actual crumble. If so, make an experience of it. Put on your best farmhouse apron and see if you can do everything from scratch! Tip: the old-timey cooks soaked the apples in a bit of water overnight to soften them before cooking.

Happy harvest!

*All items sold as curio only.

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