A Piece of the Beach

A Piece of the Beach


Let the purifying rush of the ocean wash over you with a limited edition Dark Horse Candles “A Piece of the Beach” candle.

Set in a glistening ceramic scallop shell, this 3 oz. candle captures the blissful serenity of the ocean perfectly!

A Piece of the Beach depicts ocean water with sprinkled chips of lapis lazuli and blue lace agate. Lapis lazuli represents wisdom and truth, while blue agate promotes healing and spiritual consciousness.

Where “waves crash upon the shore,” I used authentic white beach pebbles collected from a local beach on the shores of Rhode Island. One can only imagine the journey these tiny stones have been through, tumbling through the Atlantic and possibly beyond, and the ancient stories they could tell. Pebbles traditionally represent endurance, strength, and stability, while the color white is associated with positivity and cleansing energy.

This beauty is finished with a sprinkling of yellow sand and two miniature seashells. Ideal for those who find solace at the water’s edge, beach bums, water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio), water magick, and healing energy.

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